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About Cambray Brewing

A beer needs to be enjoyed to the very last drop. This is why we make an effort to offer innovative flavors that last until the end. We are proud of the ingredients we use because we know they are of the highest quality and we are so passionate about our production process to the point of undertaking this business. Cambray Brewing is a local craft beer company, born in Costa Rica and ready to offer authentic crafts brews.

We invite you to taste our beer and judge for yourselves.



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Cambray Family

Cambray - Golden Ale

It is a Golden Ale crafted with an IPA technique but using noble hops and in small quantities to not impress too much the sensible palate, enough to give it a medium bitterness and bring out the malt flavors, making it a balanced beer with a stable bitterness and aroma.

Cambray - Honey Ginger Ale
Honey Ginger

English style beer, pale and bitter but with a tropical touch given by the sweetness of natural golden sweet honey and the ginger that leaves its mark at the end.

Cambray - Caribe, Black & Spicy
Caribe, Black & Spicy IPA

A black India Pale Ale, hoppy, bitter to begin with because of the strong hops used and the roasted barley that distinguishes a good black beer, complemented with the sweet aroma and taste of coconut leaving a light traces of spiciness in the throat for the need of another sip.

Las Cervezas
Donde Comprar

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